Your Ultimate Guide to Barramundi Fishing in the NT

The NT is hands down one of the best places in Australia for barramundi fishing. Whether you’re new to fishing or you’re an old salty dog, the NT has suitable locations for all levels.

We’ve listed 8 of the best locations to bag yourself a barra in the Northern Territory, along with links to fishing tours and charters, to make organising your trip a lot more manageable.

Discover Barradise with These 8 Barramundi Fishing Hotspots

1. Daly River

Image courtesy of Woolianna On The Daily

First on our list of top Barramundi fishing spots is Daly River, located approximately 250km south of Darwin.

Classed by many as the best waters for barramundi fishing in the NT, Daly River plays host to two of Australia’s top fishing competitions: the Barra Classic and the Barra Nationals.

For those wanting to make the most of their stay, camping and hotel accommodation is available at the Daly River Resort, which also provides fishing charters and guides to improve the chances of baggin’ and snaggin’ a pic with your very own Barra.

Wooliana on the Daly also has accommodation on offer, with boat hire and a private ramp for those with more fishing experience.

2. Arnhem Land

Arnhem land is a large wilderness area located in the north-eastern corner of the Top End, roughly 500km east of Darwin.

For top-notch accommodation and luxury fishing tour packages be sure to check out the Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge, which has the only fishing tour on offer in the region.

Being part of the tour gives you exclusive access to the rivers, mangrove estuaries and coastal waters, which not only boasts amazing barra, but also other varieties like mangrove jack, coral trout, snapper, tuna and mackerel.

3. Kakadu National Park

To the west of the Arnhem lands you will find Kakadu and its four main fishing waters the Wildman, East, West and South Alligator Rivers.

As Kakadu plays host to a variety of ecosystems and indigenous culture, it has been listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. This means that simply parking up with a boat and fishing by yourself is just not an option.

To take advantage of these great barra-fishing waters you will need to be accompanied by a licensed guide while you’re there.

Don’t stress though, as there are a number of options available to you, including Kakadu Fishing Tours, Yellow Water Fishing Tours and Fish the Top End who are all licensed, provide equipment and generally operate through the run off season.

4. Roper River

Another great location during run off season is the Roper River located in the region of Katherine.

These perennial waters aren’t as well known, compared to the other locations on this list, however a few keen fisherman have been seen, or heard, catching meter long barra monsters!

Just keep an eye out for another legendary and mysterious monster while you’re there. The 8 meter salt water croc rumoured to be living in these parts will definitely warrant a change of undies if it catches you by surprise.

5. Manton Dam

Once serving as Darwin’s water supply, Manton Dam is now a popular recreational location for those wanting to escape the heat and burn around on jet skis.

While this doesn’t sound like your typical fishing haven, Manton Dam is actually great for finding barramundi. In the early 1900’s about 100,000 fingerlings were added to the dam allowing it to grow into a nice little fishing hotspot.

Camping isn’t allowed at the Dam, however its close proximity to Darwin provides a sweet little day trip for you and ya’ mates.

6. Adelaide River

Image Courtesy of NT News

The Adelaide River isn’t just famous for its jumping crocodiles; as it also supports some cracking barramundi fishing during the run off season.

Take a short day trip from Darwin, or spend time checking out the Australian War Memorial and Railway Museum in town to make the most of your time away from the water. Or just spend more time fishing, whatever floats your boat.

7. Mary River / Shady Camp

Mary River is one of the NT’s most popular spots for barra fishing and is known to provide some of the largest in the NT, averaging in at around the 25kg mark.

Fishing tours and guides are available for Mary River / Shady Camp and can be found by following the links to either Vision Sport Fishing Charters, Obsession Fishing or Fish the Top End.

8. Darwin Harbour

If you can only make your fishing trip to the NT during the wet season, there’s simply one place to go and that’s Darwin Harbour.

Fishing here means you don’t have to travel too far, and can be back at your hotel with a beer to cook your catch while it’s still fresh.

Darwin Harbour is known for providing catches even when the tides don’t suit and is sure to make your trip well worth it.

Check out River and Reef, Fish the Top End and Vision Sport Fishing Charters for tour details.

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