Referred to as an iconic, infamous, bootleg campaign, CU in the NT has attracted global attention since its launch in November 2016. The independent underground campaign was created to capture and celebrate the true spirit of the NT – one of the greatest destinations in the world and one that’s renowned for its unique sense of humour.

Within days of launching, the slogan had caught the attention of media outlets across the world. The campaign created an impact beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and regardless of opinion, it stimulated global conversation about this beautiful part of Australia.

Since launching, we have been inundated with emails from people across the globe sharing how this campaign has ignited their interest in the Northern Territory and inspired them to visit. With tons of questions getting fired our way about how to best see the NT, we decided it was time to collate all our top travel tips and share them with you in one easy to navigate destination, and what better place to do that than!

There are so many incredible experiences on offer in the NT with breathtaking landscapes that have to be seen to be believed, and we hope to showcase what makes the top end unique.

We are just proud Aussies and fair dinkum lovers of the top end and we’re ecstatic that so many people are now aware that the top end is different from the bottom end.

We can’t wait to CU in the NT!