#NOFILTER: The 7 Best Places to Instagram in the NT

Sick and tired of driving to your local waterfall for a cheeky Instagram post only to find it completely packed with drunken bogans floating on inflatable swans?

Are you depressed about your last beach yoga post because ten other people you follow were also there armed with Açai bowls, coffee and Lorna Jane active wear?

Unfortunately, being in a densely populated area means you’re part of the crowd, whether you like it or not. Thankfully, finding great locations for your Instagram fame doesn’t have to involve leaving the country.

Below you will find 7 of the sweetest photo spots in the NT to take a selfie, strike a pose or inspire without ever, EVER needing to use a filter.

7 Places to Whip it Out (You’re Phone That is) and Get Grammin’

1. Uluru


Yeah, we know. What a big surprise Uluru made it to the list. Uluru may be the most obvious tourist destination, and we know you’d rather spend time doing the secret cool stuff that the locals do. However, seeing Uluru with your own eyes is chance you’d be silly to pass up. It’s like going to the footy without a meat pie – very un-Australian!

Make sure you get three piccys while you’re there:

  • During the day – To see the sunburnt land
  • At sunset – Grab a shot as the sand and the rock change from vibrant red to a midnight blue with the setting of the sun.
  • During the night – To see the rock under the starry wonder of the cosmos.

2. Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon NT

If you travel roughly 450km out of Alice Springs you’ll find an amazing hole in the ground known as Kings Canyon.

Standing atop the 250 meter high ancient sandstone walls, looking deep into the valley below, is surely going to provide some amazing shots to go with your inspirational quote, hands in the shape of a love heart, #blessed or whatever it is you social influencers like to do.

3. The Night Sky

When’s the last time you looked up to the night’s sky in your town to count the stars and contemplate how small you are in the universe. Can’t remember, can you?

No, as a result of light pollution from the 7-11s and McDonald’s arches, all you can see at night is the moon and one plane on it’s way to Bali.

You’ve never seen the stars like they are in the outback, and seeing them would even make crawling there on your hands and knees well worth it.

4. Crocosaurus Cove’s Cage of Death

Swim with a Crocodile Instagram Phorto Darwin Northern Territory Australia
(image courtesy of Crocosaurus Cove)

Have you been feeling a little blocked up? Constipation got you down? Have no fear, number 4 on our list will sort that right out, while at the same time giving you an awesome pic for your gram, your memories and for whatever lie your kids about that day in the future.

Book your tickets today!

5. Kakadu


If you’re chasing waterfalls contrasting a desert backdrop, venturing down this World Heritage site will give you both the Jim Jim Plunge Pool and the Twin Falls Gorge.

Remember, just like all great football codes, water in the outback is seasonal. If you’re planning to visit earlier in the year, don’t be disappointed if you turn up to the pools only to find a sandpit, there’s plenty of that elsewhere. For the best results, make sure you visit in the months between June and October.

6. West MacDonnell Ranges

West Macdonnell Ranges

For centuries this spectacular landscape has been crafted by nature to provide one of the most breathtaking sights seen from far and wide – and it’s a ripsnorter for Instagram too.

The MacDonnell Ranges are surrounded by a number of other natural gems like Ellery Big Hole, Standley Chasm, Emily and Jesse Gap.

Hey, hang on we’ve jibbed ourselves. You just got 5 awesome Instagram spots for the price of one. Well played mate, well played.

7. The Devils Marbles

If the Devil had a set, this is what they would look like. The Devil’s Marbles are located 100km south of Tennant Creek. These granite stones balance on top of each other in a manner that is mind-boggling. Much cooler than the tiny balancing rock piles hipsters tend to make in creek beds and waterfalls – nice try, Toby from Byron Bay, but you’ve got nothing on the Devil’s Marbles.

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