Why Holiday Across the Ditch When the NT is So Rich?

Stop spinning the globe, waiting for your finger to stop on your next holiday destination because there’s never been a better place to spend your vacation than Australia’s own Northern Territory.

Why would you travel across the ditch when the NT is so rich with wonderful things to experience?

Below are 5 little-known reasons why holidaying in the NT trumps any overseas trip, any day of the week.

5 Reason’s Why the NT is the Best Place for Your Holiday 

1. Tropical Islands


There’s no need to fly to Fiji or Hawaii for a tropical island experience.

Normally, when people think of the NT they think of deserts, kangaroos and rocks. But, if that’s what you think, you’d be wrong, so bloody wrong. How dare you!

The NT has plenty of amazing, picturesque tropical islands for you to visit and enjoy. When you get that urge to scratch that island itch, make sure you take a look at the following list before you eeeeeeever consider an expensive trip overseas again.

  • Tiwi Islands
  • Bremer Island
  • Melville Island
  • Bathurst Island
  • Groote Eylandt
  • Howard Island

2. Outdoor Activities


Why waste your cash on some overpriced extreme outdoor adventure getaway when you have all the options you can handle smack bang in the NT?

Your next adventure tour would be better off spent at any one of the following action packed outdoor locations and activities. Because if there’s something the NT has plenty of, it’s the great outdoors:

  • Uluru Camel Tours
  • Outback Ballooning
  • Jim Jim Falls
  • Mataranka Thermal Pools
  • Field of Light Uluru
  • Quad Bike Adventures
  • Outback Helicopter Tours
  • Camel Tours
  • Hiking & Bush Walks
  • Camping
  • Cycling Tours
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Crocodile Tours
  • Moto-Cross & Finke Desert Race

3. Safaris


Africa? Pffffffftttttt you don’t need to go to Africa to experience a wildlife safari, because the NT has some of the wildest-wildlife out there.

Crocodiles, camels, kangaroos and more can be found in the NT, top to bottom, and below you’ll find just a taste of what’s on offer.

  • Territory Wildlife Park
  • Crocosaurus Cove
  • Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari
  • Kakadu Tourism
  • Crocodylus Park
  • Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise
  • NT Bird Specialist
  • Mark Carter Birding and Wildlife
  • Tracks Birding & Photography Tours 

4. Festivals


If you believe Europe is the only place to experience the best in music, art and food, you‘d be robbing yourself of the opportunity to see all that and more right here in your very own backyard.

Here’s a quick list of cracking festivals going on in the NT, right now.

  • Territory Taste Festival
  • Desert Dreaming Yoga Retreat
  • BLACKEN heavy metal festival
  • Camel Cup
  • BASS in the GRASS
  • Crownbet Triple Crown Super Cars
  • Wide Open Space Festival
  • Territory Day
  • Darwin Festival
  • Desert Festival
  • Aboriginal Art Fair
  • Desert Harmony Festival

5. Variety is the Spice of Life


Another land may provide new landscapes, and a trip to Europe could have you stepping foot in multiple of countries. However, if you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your holiday buck, there’s no place like the NT. Where you could be on a tropical beach one day, a rainforest the next, only to finish the week off with a night under the desert stars.

No matter what you prefer, the NT has it for you. So the next time you’re wondering where it is you’ll be spending your next holiday, pack your bags and tell ya mates, ”I’ll CU in the NT!”


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