4 of THE BEST Watering Holes… Sorry, Pubs in the NT

If you’ve ever been to the NT, you’ll know that all the bushwalking, swimming, wildlife spotting and camel riding can stir up a mighty powerful thirst. Drinking water is great and all, but on a hot summer’s day nothing beats downing a pot of pure liquid gold.

If you’re an amber aficionado, and of course you are, our list of the 4 best outback pubs is sure to provide you with a fair dinkum experience you can only find in places like the NT.

1. The Daly Waters Historic Pub

Image courtesy of the Daly Waters Pub

The Daly Waters Pub is a well-known stopover for those travelling in and out of Darwin.

A days hard drivin’ can sure get tirin’, so why not pop in and knock back a few brews over some classic pub banter followed by a good night’s sleep? That’s what you really should do when you encounter Australia’s most remote traffic light.

The Daly Waters Pub has very affordable accommodation with air con, TV and other facilities to make your stay that much more comfortable. And they even have a pool for you to cool your feet in!

But, this place isn’t famous for its air con and swimming pool. No, what the Daly Waters Pub is known for is its rich and crazy outback history, rivalling anything you’ve ever seen in any Clint Eastwood film. There might not be any crazy Aussie cowboy action going at the pub these days, but rest assured, the staff will be more than happy to fill you in with a yarn or two while they pour you a beer.

Daly Waters was voted the seventh best pub in Australia and many visitors just can’t bear to go without leaving their mark. And by mark we mean hanging their undies and bras up in the bar.

You might want to bring a spare set, just in case.

2. Adelaide River Inn

Image courtesy of Adelaide River Resort

The Adelaide River Inn, also known as the 303 Bar, provides both meals for the hungry traveller and, you guessed, wonderful wonderful beer!

Claiming a spot on the podium as the third best pub in Australia (sorry Daly Waters) the accommodation at the Adelaide River Inn is the perfect place to drop your gear off while you pay your respects at the WWII war cemetery or go for a refreshing swim at the cascading Robin Falls.

You can choose from a selection of accommodation options including caravanning, cabins or motel rooms which are perfect for sleeping off a nice pub meal and few bevies.

The Adelaide River Inn also hosts one of Australia’s greatest pieces of memorabilia, and that’s Charlie the Buffalo, who you might remember from a little cinematic masterpiece called Crocodile Dundee. Don’t worry, he has long since passed and is currently stuffed, so you don’t have to worry about using your Mick Dundee mind control trick.

3. Grove Hill Hotel

Image courtesy of ABC Rural: Lisa Herbert

 Thought to be all but lost, the Grove Hill Pub closed its doors, much to the dismay of the locals, in late 2016. However, the iconic establishment has reopened its doors and is now serving beer again like a good pub should.

The true beauty of this pub lies in its isolation. Why is this such a draw card you ask? Well, it’s not often you can sit back with a couple of cold ones while enjoying the stars in a night sky virtually untouched by light pollution.

If you feel you want to stretch out the star gazing experience, there’s free camping available to those with a tent and a love for nature.

Other attractions include paraphernalia from a by gone era and the odd cameo appearance from the wildlife during wet seasons. As the owner once stated “You’ll get the occasional python or crocodile in here.” But to be honest, where else are they going to get a beer at 6 a.m. till 2 a.m.? That’s right, nowhere but the Grove Hill Hotel!

4. Humpty Doo Hotel


Open 7 days a week serving bistro meals to accompany your liquid amber refreshments, the Humpty Doo Hotel is a favourite stop off for visitors on their way to Kakadu.

This Aussie landmark is known for barramundi, crocodile burgers and slabs of steak that severely outweigh any salad or vege portions that may decorate your plate. C’mon, we know you didn’t really come for the salad, now did you?

The pub offers live music on weekends to provide a country pub atmosphere for the busy and often very lively patrons.

For those of you wanting to stick around to enjoy a bunch of schooners throughout the night, there’s onsite accommodation available with TV, ensuite, air con, a mini bar (here we go) and even a pool!

Right-e-o! There you have it. 4 of the best pubs to visit on your travels through the NT that will both bring comfort and fun to your journey. Just make sure to shout your barman or barmaid a beer while you’re there, and they’ll be glad they could CU in the NT.


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