4 Picture Perfect Islands of the NT No Serious Fishing Enthusiast Can Miss

Are you tossing up between a trip to the NT and a tropical island getaway for your next holiday? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have both?

When most people think of the NT they think about Uluru, camping in the bush and Crocodile Dundee. But, what most people won’t know is that just north of the Top End lies some of Australia’s best kept secret fishing spots, tropical views and island getaways.

We’ve done our research and now present to you 4 hidden gems that’ll have your fishing buddies kicking themselves they missed out.

4 Awesome Islands for Fishing and Relaxing in the NT You Have to See 

1. Groote Eylandt


Groote Eylandt is a great place to stay if you’re looking to relax in paradise and take part in some world-class fishing.

Being the largest of 40 other islands in the archipelago area, the Groote Eylandt resort is a fantastic place to set up camp and explore the surroundings.

Groote Eylandt plays host to a wide range of wildlife including turtles, reptiles, dugong, sharks, whales, birds and, of course, amazing fish like sailfish, tuna, marlin, trevally, trout and mackerel.

2. Tiwi Islands

With the nickname, “Island of Smiles” it’s no wonder the Tiwi islands are one of the territories most loved spots for fishing, relaxation and experiencing the indigenous culture.

80km to the north of Darwin, the Tiwi Islands are made up of Bathurst Island, Melville Island and 9 other, smaller, islands.

As the Islands are privately owned by the traditional inhabitants and protected by the Tiwi Land Council, you’ll need to apply for a permit before entering and fishing.

Information for permit applications can be found by following this link.

3. Sir Edward Pellew Group


While the Sir Edward Pellew Group consists of many small islands and islets, there are five main places people tend to visit:

  • Vanderlin Island
  • North Island
  • West Island
  • Centre Island
  • South West Island

The Sir Edward Pellew Islands are not only great for fishing for coral trout, tuna, mackerel, marlin and sailfish, the area also plays host to a number of other amazing aquatic life such as nesting turtles and dugong.

As these islands are inhabited by the local Yanyuwa people, you’ll need to gain permission before entering, fishing, and camping there.

Follow this link to find out how you can apply for permission when planning your trip. 

4. Crab Claw Island

If you drive roughly 130km southwest of Darwin you’ll find a stunning little getaway known as Crab Claw Island.

The Crab Claw Island Resort is located on the Cox Peninsula, and offers its visitors stunning views of white sandy beaches, bushwalking trails, starlight camping, swimming, fine dining in their open-air restaurant and access to a private boat ramp to do what all who visit Crab Island love to do the most…



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